10 Ways to Reduce Chemical Load Through Food

1. Eat foods that have no additives, preservatives, flavourings or numbers.

2. Read the ingredients on your labels of everything – e.g. milk may have MPC or calcium carbonate.

3 Avoid eating boxed breakfast cereals (no exceptions).

4. Hydrogenated, interesterified and fractionated vegetable oils – know what they are and how to identify them – then stay away from them.

5. Eat foods in their least processed state (butter vs margarine) (raw vs hydrogenated and pasteurised), (breakfast cereals vs whole oats)

6. Use stainless steel, crockery and glass cookware.

7. Use glass and stainless steel storage containers.

8. Have an Edible Garden – fruit, vegetables and herbs 9. Buy organic or chemical free as much as possible.

10 Create a relationship with the farmers at your farmers markets, so you can trust them and know they are selling you chemical free meat, chicken, eggs and plant produce.