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You could say I have always been health conscious however, in the past 5 years or so, my definition of healthy has changed considerably.

I grew up in a family of 9 eating quite ‘traditionally’; cereal and milk for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and ‘meat with 3 veg’ for dinner. If we were lucky, on a Friday night we would each get 5 lollies for dessert, and school snacks included pre-packaged goods (most children’s dream). Little did I know that this diet was definitely not one of champions, but my parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time (thanks guys xx).

Fast forward to now, this standard Australian diet (SAD) combined with many, many courses of antibiotics as a child and taking the oral contraceptive pill (‘the pill’) for 11 years to ‘treat’ acne, lead me to a state of less than ideal health. Despite my body’s best efforts, I had failed to miss all the subtle signs and symptoms it was giving me along the way that my body needed attention. These signs and symptoms included skin complaints, heart palpitations, bloating, nausea, headaches,
depression, weight gain, weight loss, recurrent kidney infections, body tremors, the list goes on. It wasn’t until 2 years ago when I stopped ‘the pill’ that I had the awakening that my body needed, to alert me that it was in a state of crisis. My period didn’t return for 7 months and my acne came back with a vengeance. I was completely lost, my world basically turned upside down as all the confidence I had fought so hard to gain was diminished with my acne laden skin, and my plans to start a family weren’t coming into fruition.

This unexpected situation I found myself in, led me to diving deeper into holistic health and food as medicine, as what conventional medical doctors were suggesting didn’t sit right with me…something inside me was screaming “this is not the answer”, “how can synthetic medicine fix what synthetic medicine and synthetic food has created?”. Having already completed an undergraduate and postgraduate university degree, critical thinking was embedded in me. This combined with my naturally inquisitive nature and that screaming voice inside of me (whilst my gut wasn’t healthy, at least my gut instinct was still working), led to me explore alternative options to heal my body.

On my journey of exploring holistic health services and learning as much as a could about leading a truly healthy life, I stumbled across the Functional Nutrition Academy. I immediately fell in love with the vitalistic and practical approach that it offered and knew that I had to do it. As an everyday working Australian who sticks to a strict budget, I see it as a very affordable course when compared to similar courses that may not offer the incredible content contained in the Function Nutrition Academy Courses. With a passion to be my healthiest self, as well as wanting to educate and empower others to do the same, I knew that investing in the Functional Nutrition Course was the right decision…. So that’s what I did, and I haven’t looked back!

Learning about vitalistic nutrition and the importance of the gut microbiome, enabled me to start balancing my hormones and repairing my gut with food. I began to learn about using food as medicine to heal my body, what organic and genetically modified actually meant, and the importance of sourcing food from sustainable, chemical free sources. I can honestly say that whilst this approach doesn’t offer a ‘quick fix’, it offers something better… sustainable change.

In conjunction with learning more about food from a vitalistic view and sourcing better quality, more nutritious food, I also made some big changes in my immediate environment to reduce my toxic load. The biggest change in my life was creating my own 100% Natural Skin and Body product range, BARE by Bauer, with the help of my husband. Whilst I knew that the acne I was struggling with was mostly a reflection of the hormonal imbalance within my body and gut dysbiosis, I also knew that what I was putting on it every day was not helping myself nor the environment….so I decided to make my own.

The creation of BARE by Bauer was born not only to help my own skin, but also to help other people navigate the challenging world of skin care products. I wanted to create a brand that that used only real ingredients to support the body’s innate healing by harnessing nature’s goodness and to take the confusion out of interpreting ingredient labels. I also wanted products that are toxin free to minimise potential harm to us and mother nature, and also a product that was created from a place of love and good intention. I wanted all this, whilst creating a brand that remained affordable so that everyone could access 100% natural goodness, so that is what we did.

This journey has been incredible so far learning about food from a traditional, holistic, sustainable aspect, as well as learning about the abundance of potentially hazardous chemicals and toxins we are surrounded by in our food, our homes and our environment. It has brought with it plenty of ups and downs, and learnings along the way, but it has enabled me to learn so much about our body’s innate healing abilities if given the right circumstances and opportunity.

So, what’s next for me? I will continue nursing because I truly love it and BARE by Bauer will continue to keep providing natural skin and body products, however we will be expanding to offer our very own organic herbal tea blends which can be used to support the body’s innate healing abilities. We are currently in the process of creating the perfect blend in collaboration with Herbalist and Naturopath Melonie Thompson from Groundwork Health and Wellbeing.

Our long-term plan is to also further expand BARE by Bauer to offer a more education focused service. By the end of 2019, BARE by Bauer will be providing educational seminars within our community and offering small group and one-on-one consultations to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to live a more nourished, low-tox life and simply just get ‘back to basics’. Our ultimate goal is to break down the barriers and myths surrounding healthy living to show people that it is achievable, and it is affordable, if you truly want it to be.

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  1. Oates Caryl

    Well done Candice! I fully endorse everything you have said. There is one other area of your life you haven’t touched on and that is how you clean. I am an ENJO Consultant and help people like yourself to eliminate chemicals and other toxins from their home and the environment. I would love to share how this can happen. It is a simple and time saving way to maintain a healthy home and a healthy planet. You can private message me for more information. I live in Brisbane. Cheers, Caryl Oates 😀


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