Gut health is the new buzz in all avenues of health these days and has come a long way to just being
part of the natural therapies and complementary medicine practitioners scope. For me, it has been a
long journey and one that has led me to complete formal studies in nutrition and nutritional
medicine. The more I learn the more I realise just how complex …yet how simple it is!
Last year I wrote a blog called “The root cause is the gut cause” and in it I described the gut health
journey I underwent with my toddler. Later that year I attended the Functional Nutrition academy
nutrition summit at Queensland University of Technology run by Cyndi O’Meara who I had never
met before but who from that day onwards inspired and led me to where I am today in my nutrition

business. The speakers she had that weekend were amazing and extremely knowledgeable but it
was Dr. Margaret Smith of SmartDNA who changed my life! She demonstrated the latest knowledge
and testing into genetics for nutrition but also into in depth microbiome testing. After that summit I
contacted SmartDNA and as it turned out, was qualified enough to be able to consult as a DNA
practitioner via smartDNA. At the time I was also looking into microbiome testing as I was fascinated
by genetic testing of the gut microbes which led me to investigate this for my son and for myself. I
decided I needed to know the ins and outs of gut health so I enrolled in Functional Nutrition
Academy’s microbiome course and I have since done microbiome testing for my son via SmartDNA.
What was really exciting though was the article I wrote for Oxygen Magazine into microbiome
testing that resulted in a 4 page feature on the microbiome in the January 2019 issue! And all this
thanks to Cyndi’s Functional Nutrition course and summit!
As a mum, nutritionist and DNA practitioner I can honestly say health does start and end in the gut!
And if you want to really understand it you don’t need to read lots of articles or do a whole
university degree…you can simply do a microbiome course via Functional Nutrition Academy and be
on your way to understanding the gut!

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