The Changing Habits recipes are made with yummy organic whole foods. These real food recipes are sure to make your gut, mind and body happy. With breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks covered, you will be amazed by the variety.

Changing Habits


Since 1998

Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Changing Habits and The Nutrition Academy. Over 40 years ago, Cyndi started out as a nutritionist and went on to become a best selling author of Changing Habits, Changing Lives (now Lab to Table) and she also started Changing Habits, a wholefoods company. 

From Cyndi’s love of teaching, The Nutrition Academy was born. We are a training organisation offering nutrition courses based on the vitalistic philosophy of food and the influence of the environment and lifestyle choices.

Together, The Nutrition Academy and Changing Habits bring you these delicious and healthy recipes which have been created with nutritious real foods.


Our Recipes

00Marinated Lamb Backstrap with Beetroot Hummus and Quinoa SaladBy Tessa PennickAs the weather begins to get warmer, Spring is the perfect time for grilled meat and salads! Packed with nutritious ingredients and plenty of flavour, this recipe will be sure to impress. Make a larger batch if you like for lunches for the following days - this recipe will remain good for up to around 4 days in the fridge if kept in an air-tight container.
00Kale Chicken Caesar with Gluten-Free CroutonsBy Tessa PennickChicken Caesar is always a favourite, and found on the menu in most restaurants and cafes. This is our take, using nothing but nourishing, wholefood ingredients - even more of a reason to enjoy!
00Marinated Thai Beef SaladBy Tessa PennickA well-balanced meal perfect for the warmer months of the year. Packed full of nutrients, colour and flavour!
00Caramelised Fig, Goats Cheese and Macadamia SaladBy Tessa PennickA beautiful combination of caramalised fig and goats cheese with the crunch of roasted macadamias. A great side dish to serve with pork belly or chicken - or just enjoy on its own!
00Asian Beef Salad with Toasted Tamari MacadamiasBy Tessa PennickThis Asian Beef Salad has layers of flavour thanks to the toasted tamari macadamias, chili and herbs. So quick and easy to prepare, it's great for a simple lunch or dinner.
00Roasted Pumpkin Salad with Creamy Avocado DressingBy Tessa PennickA colourful, nutritious salad, topped with a deliciously creamy, healthy dressing! This salad is super tasty as is, or can be used as a base and topped with leftovers like cooked chicken or salmon.
00Easy ColeslawBy Tessa PennickWho doesn't love a yummy homemade Coleslaw? This recipe is such a delicious salad to bring to a family BBQ or Picnic to share with loved ones.
00Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato & HerbsBy Tessa PennickRoasted veggies make such a delicious side to any dish, something like this is perfect to make extras so you can pop the leftovers easily into a salad for the next days lunch, or even with your eggs, spinach and pesto in the morning for breaky.
00Roasted Veggie & Herb SaladBy Tessa PennickThis is a really simple and easy roast salad to make and pairs well with fish, chicken or roasted lamb.
00Simple Summery Lime and Zoodle SaladBy Tessa PennickThis zesty tasting zoodle salad can be eaten on its own or tossed with some protein or used as a side. Great dish to be having on these warm summers days!
00Garlic Chilli BeansBy Tessa PennickA great flavorsome accompaniment. Mix through salads, serve with roasted veg and meat or with fried or baked fish. Serve as a side with pork or lamb chops and sweet potato or potato mash.
00Eve’s Brown Rice SaladBy Tessa PennickYou can make this delicious salad up, including the dressing, ahead of time. Just wait to the last minute to add the cashews and sunflower seeds.
00Chilli Taco SaladBy Tessa PennickThis is a meal where I place all the ingredients on the table and everyone in my family has their own style of making up the salad.