Student Insight Into Module Two From The Incredible Edible Garden Course

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April 27, 2020

Student Insight Into Module Two From The Incredible Edible Garden Course

We love this video that one of our students from the Incredible Edible Garden Course has put together. It features some great tips from module two, plus ways to get the kids involved. Thank you  for sharing what you have learnt Mercia! ❤️


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  1. Gwen Adkins

    Hi Everyone,
    Im feeling like I am in suspended animation at present, not only with CV19 but Im waiting to move into my new home. The garden is a blank canvas so as I wait for final moving date Im totally hooked on this incredible edible garden course. Morag is a great presenter.
    I get so carried away with watching all the videos that I forget where Im up to on the course work.I just want to get in and prepare the soil and get some prep work done so I can be ready for spring. My chickens will love a new home also but they will certainly need some shade and covering for the next hot summer.
    So many wonderful ideas for and “how to get started” are presented which I really appreciate.
    Seeds are hard to come by at this time but Im sure there will be somewhere to source some organic ones when the time is right.
    So I highly endorse this course. Its fun, thought provoking, and ties in beautifully with the functional nutrition course which has been my filling my thoughts and lifestyle since I completed it a few years ago.

    • The Nutrition Academy

      Thank you for your lovely feedback Gwen! So glad you are loving the course.


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