Hana Feidi

One of the main things this course taught me is that there are other ways to healing your body than visiting the doctor and taking prescription medications. It introduced me to the world of functional nutrition and all it has to offer. It taught me that when you learn more about your body, about how it works and what it needs, then you know more about what to feed it to nourish it and heal it to prevent disease.

It was interesting to understand the human physiology and metabolism and the nutrients that help regulate body function so we can understand illness and disease and the vitalistic intelligence of the human body. Also learning about our immune system, our hormones, all the different diets out there and introduced to the new science on nutrigenomics, microbiomes and the gut brain axis. Great knowledge and information that is practical and useful for years to come, very applicable, up to date and helpful providing a good base to do further research and continue learning in the field of functional nutrition.

Personally, I have benefited very much, I have gradually changed many lifestyle habits like switching to real organic whole foods, reading labels, questioning ingredients, cooking at home more often, making my own healthy desserts, eating in healthy places, the supermarket I shop from and the products I use in my home and on my skin and body.

As a result, I created my own blog https://hanaheals.com/ and my Instagram page @hanaheals where I share my knowledge spreading the message of health and well- being. I share healthy recipes and nutritious food and also promoting the Changing Habits products which are all about real wholesome nutritious food.

Finally, I am very privileged on becoming a Changing Habits brand ambassador which I am so proud of and grateful for.

Thanks for the knowledge. I am so excited for what’s next…


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