The planet is having a rest and we are helping cultivate her garden.

Written by Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi is about educating. Her greatest love is to teach, both in the public arena and within the large corporate food companies, to enable everyone to make better choices so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their lives. Considered one of the world's foremost experts in Nutrition, Cyndi brings over 40 years experience, research and knowledge.
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April 1, 2020

When the toilet paper stampede started with the Covid-19 pandemic, my first thought was to plant seeds for my home garden and the farm.  Today I received a newsletter from the Diggers Club (Australia’s largest garden club) letting me know that they were flat out with orders.  I also heard that the sale of chickens that produce eggs had gone up by 30%, that people were choosing real meat not fake meat and that my local growers food market was busy.

In times of crisis the important things matter.

Knowing where your food is coming from and how it is produced is paramount to the health of people.

My heart swells to hear how people are planting food gardens. The planet is having a rest and we are helping cultivate her garden.

My farm is flourishing with fruit trees, herbs and vegetables as well as cattle and eggs and it’s thanks to following;

Morag Gamble,

Diggers Clug,

Green Harvest,

Joel Salatin,

Alan Savoury,

Charlie Arnott,

Charles Massey,


Plus so many more that I now see a light at the end of the tunnel.  What seems like a terrible situation is actually turning into something where people understand what’s important, the land, the soil, the food, the health and our future generations.

Plant a seed today and reap the benefits for years to come.

This is a time where genetically modified foods are not welcome, because without seed we have no food.

What use are seedless watermelons when you want to grow more watermelon? Many people tell me they have no time for gardens, well now we have the time, take it as a gift and be in awe of how a garden grows.

You might be saying that you know nothing about gardening.  Well neither did I, but one day I threw food scraps into my garden by digging a hole and then covering it with dirt and grass clippings and before I knew it I had pumpkin, tomatoes and watermelon growing everywhere.

Plants know what to do and so do seeds, you just have to give them the right ingredients, good soil, water and sunlight and presto they grow by themselves.

For the past year The Nutrition Academy has been working on an Edible Garden Course.  We have always realised the importance of foods grown in healthy soils with no chemicals. One way of making sure you know what you are putting into your body is to grow it yourself.  Not only do you know where your food is coming from but it’s easy to go out and pick it every day fresh for your meals.

Five years ago I purchased 60 acres in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, I knew nothing about farming.  After the first year Jurassic Park had grown! Every specialist I met with told me to use Roundup to get rid of the weeds.  I was ready to give up. Until finally I met a lady called  Morag Gamble.  Morag came to my farm and painted an incredible picture of what I had and it’s because of Morag that I now have a farm with fruit trees, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, cattle and chickens.  It was her love of growing food that inspired me to dream big for my community and family.

So when I was looking for someone who knew how to create an edible garden no matter where you live I thought of Morag.

Morag is a brilliant teacher and she has created for The Nutrition Academy – The Incredible Edible Garden Course.  She will teach you what she taught me, not only a love of growing your own food but everything you need to grow the healthiest of food without any sprays, chemicals and with very little work.  Her experience and knowledge is vast and she travels the world teaching teachers how to teach people to grow their own food.

Now more than ever we need to learn this skill that was once a natural part of every back yard.  My grandfathers both had vegetable gardens. My mother had the most incredible garden of vegetables and herbs. She also had a lemon tree and apricot tree that gave us produce year in year out, this is a rarity now.

So if you want to learn from the best look at our new Incredible Edible Garden Course and learn how to produce abundant food on your verandah, garden or acreage.  No place is too small or too big to learn this skill.

If you can’t find seeds then buy a tomato, pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber and throw the seeds in an enriched soil, learn how cuttings can also turn into food. Have a look here!

Happy Gardening!


P.S If you are a student of The Nutrition Academy and your assessor is Mercia, she has been doing the course to get to know what you will be experiencing.  I’ve never seen anyone become so enthralled in a garden.  Watch her video here

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