Should I start with the Introduction to Nutrition Course?

The Introduction to Nutrition Course is our introductory, Information only course. It is a great starting course especially if you are new to nutrition and our philosophy. It does not contain any assessments. It consists of a selection of different learning formats from podcasts, to reports to videos etc. The Introduction course sets the foundation of learning about our philosophy, so you can move into our more advanced course Fundamentals of Nutrition if you wish.

Do I need to complete the Introduction to Nutrition course before the Functional Nutrition Course?

No, unless you think your knowledge of Nutrition is at starter level, then I would suggest completing this course first. The Introduction to Nutrition course is based on our course creators Cyndi O’Meara’s book Changing Habits Changing Lives (Now called- Lab To Table), if you are not familiar with this book or the philosophy, then we suggest starting at this level or familiarising yourself with the content of Lab To Table Book.


Can I start your courses anytime?

Our Introduction to Nutrition and Microbiome courses can be started anytime during the year. Our  Functional Nutrition Course has 6 intakes a year, contact us today to find out the next enrolment date.

Are your Nutrition Courses accredited and can I become a Nutritionist on completion?

Our courses are not accredited with any governing body you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course. If you wish to become a Nutritionist or Dietitian a degree in Nutrition from a university is required for this. 

The Functional Nutrition Course is an Approved Training Provider with IICT which means we have Professional Recognition and our students and graduates qualify for membership and Insurance through IICT as a Nutrition Consultant.

What can I do at the end of these courses?

Most of our graduates go onto starting their own business as a Health or Wellness Coach, we have a business course on offer on completion to help with the foundations of setting up your own business and is tailored for this industry if you need.
At the end of Applied Functional Nutrition course you have the option to do our bonus module (Functional Nutrition Consultant Program) where you can choose to become a Functional Nutrition Consultant and use resources and information from our sister company “Changing Habits”. To either become a Wholesaler, an affiliate or run workshops using the 6 Week to Change Workshop slides we give you at completion, or you can choose to be all of the above.
You also have the option to attend our yearly practical weekend “Day with Cyndi” held on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland where participants can learn how to utilise the information in the course to help mentor their friends, family and communities and learn all the components of being a Functional Nutrition Consultant. There are endless possibilities of how you can utilise your skills and learnings at the end and turn them into a career working within the nutrition industry, it just depends on what it is you would like to do and what path you wish to go down.

If you would like further information or to be added to our video series which will provide more information about our academy and an insight of what graduates do at the end of the course then let us know and we can add you.

How long do I have to complete each course?

Introduction to Nutrition- This course is a 10 module course and can be completed in 10 weeks if you complete 1 module per week. You get 12 months access to complete it.

Functional Nutrition Course (Fundamentals and Applied)- Is a 12 module course which can be completed within 12 months or less. However we give you 2 years access to complete it.

Microbiome Course– Is a 10 module course that can be completed in 10 weeks if you can complete a module a week. You get 12 months access to complete it.

Incredible Edible Garden Course– Is a 6 module course that can be completed in 6 weeks if you can complete a module a week. You get 12 months access to complete it.

How much time should I allow each week to complete your Functional Nutrition Course

We say it approximately takes 4-6 hours per lesson and there are 4 lessons per module so if you can dedicate 4-6 hours per week and complete 1 lesson weekly or 1 module Monthly you could complete the 12 modules in 12months: however you can spend a lot more time if you are interested in a topic, as there are additional suggested readings for each module. We also understand that everyone learns at different paces, so these are approximate guidelines only. That’s why we give you 2 years access to complete.

Are there assessments and exams in your courses?

Yes, our Functional Nutrition Course and Microbiome courses contain assessments. The assessment varies from multiple choice, short response to essay questions, and our qualified assessors give reflective feedback to further your learning. There are no assessments in the Introduction to Nutrition Course, Business basics course or Incredible Edible Garden

Is there support provided?

Yes, you are provided with support throughout your learning journey by our TN Academy team, qualified assessors, and other learners and graduates through our private Facebook group, online forum and direct messaging system in the E-Learning Platform.

Do we need to attend classroom sessions and what sort of learning materials are included?

Our courses are offered wholly online. There are no classroom sessions to attend. We do run monthly  webinars, these are recorded if you cannot attend live. The course content
includes lesson notes, videos, audios and activities to apply the learning and develop your critical thinking. All required learning content to complete your assessments are included, however at the end of each module we include a suggested readings section which may contain books we recommend for continual learning, these are optional and are not included in your course fees.

How do your Nutrition Courses differ from others?

In our course we teach our learners to become critical thinkers and how to research as there is so much conflicting information out there, we want our learners to find the credible information and have knowledge on how to find and provide evidence if required. The information you learn in our course is not found in any other main stream nutrition course on the market. Our course is based on a holistic approach and is based on the philosophy of Cultural Anthropology and a vitalistic approach to nutrition through systems where we look at the body as whole. We look at the entire system and not just the collection of their parts but how they work together in harmony to achieve a specific outcome or function.

I am overseas, can I do your courses?

Yes, as our courses are all online, our course content can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection and access to a computer.

Do TN Academy courses lead to a Nationally Recognised Training certification?

Our courses are not government accredited. We are an Approved Training provider with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists).  Which means our graduates of our Functional Nutrition Course qualify for Membership and Insurance through one of the most comprehensive Professional Bodies for Natural Therapists in the world.  All our graduates in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and United Kingdom, qualify for membership and insurance under the modality of Nutrition Consultant.