The Changing Habits recipes are made with yummy organic whole foods. These real food recipes are sure to make your gut, mind and body happy. With breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks covered, you will be amazed by the variety.

Changing Habits


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Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Changing Habits and The Nutrition Academy. Over 40 years ago, Cyndi started out as a nutritionist and went on to become a best selling author of Changing Habits, Changing Lives (now Lab to Table) and she also started Changing Habits, a wholefoods company. 

From Cyndi’s love of teaching, The Nutrition Academy was born. We are a training organisation offering nutrition courses based on the vitalistic philosophy of food and the influence of the environment and lifestyle choices.

Together, The Nutrition Academy and Changing Habits bring you these delicious and healthy recipes which have been created with nutritious real foods.


Our Recipes

00Steak Kebabs with Greek SaladBy Tessa PennickNothing beats barbecue season! Meat kebabs and salads are a simple yet delicious way to keep things light and healthy. Feel free to mix it up with different types of meat, seasonings and sides to keep it interesting. We love this recipe for a super simple meal as the marinade doubles as the salad dressing!
00Air-fryer Apple CrumbleBy Tessa PennickA quick and delicious dessert, which is dairy-free, gluten free, refined sugar free and 100% guilt-free!
00Marinated Lamb Backstrap with Beetroot Hummus and Quinoa SaladBy Tessa PennickAs the weather begins to get warmer, Spring is the perfect time for grilled meat and salads! Packed with nutritious ingredients and plenty of flavour, this recipe will be sure to impress. Make a larger batch if you like for lunches for the following days - this recipe will remain good for up to around 4 days in the fridge if kept in an air-tight container.
00Arancini BallsBy Tessa PennickArancini is a staple recipe in Italy, and it's no wonder why - they make the most delicious snack or side dish! Traditionally deep fried, these healthier option arancini balls are baked in the air fryer and are just as crispy and delicious!
00Probiotic Tropical SmoothieBy Tessa PennickA healthy, delicious tropical tasting probiotic smoothie- a few extra add-ins make this the ultimate on the go choice to help boost gut health and wellbeing!
00Mini Pumpkin tartsBy Tessa PennickPumpkin tarts are a popular dessert in the U.S and Canada- typically made for Thanksgiving and/or Halloween. We have created a deliciously creamy, plant-based and guilt-free version!
00Gluten Free SconesBy Tessa PennickA gluten-free version of an all time favourite! Paired with a jam free from refined sugar and organic cream, this snack is not just delicious - but made from beautiful nutritious ingredients.
00Veggie Burgers with Aioli SauceBy Tessa PennickLooking for a satisfying meat-free burger? These vegetarian patties are a great alternative and made from beautiful wholefood ingredients. This recipe is also bread-free! Made fresh and light with a baked mushroom base, and topped with zesty aioli and fresh herbs.
00Plant-Based Chocolate CheesecakeBy Tessa PennickImpress at your next dinner party with this plant-based chocolate cheesecake. Made entirely from beautiful ingredients packed full of amazing nutrients - it's the perfect guilt-free dessert. Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, you'll be surprised how easy this one is to make!
00Salmon Sushi BowlBy Tessa PennickA delicious meal consisting of nourishing ingredients that work so well together!
00Rice Paper RollsBy Tessa PennickA fresh and nutritious snack or light meal. Feel free to swap the pork for chicken, salmon, prawns or beef, or cooked tofu for a vego option!
00Slow Cooked Pork Shepherd’s PieBy Tessa PennickA delicious heart-warming meal that is sure to become a family favourite. Perfect to whip up any time you have left over slow cooked meat - whether it be pork, lamb or beef - they all work beautifully!
00Chocolate Crunch SliceBy Tessa PennickThis crunchy chocolatey slice makes the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack, packed full of good quality ingredients to give you long-lasting energy throughout the day.
00Raw Salted Caramel Brownie SliceBy Tessa PennickWith a brownie base, a soft creamy caramel center and a chocolate top, this dessert is 3 layers of decadence! Being gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, this slice is a highly nutritious way to satisfy those sweet cravings!
00Cauliflower Bites with a Blue Cheese Dipping SauceBy Tessa PennickA delicious combination of crunchy cauliflower bites and creamy blue cheese sauce. If you don't have an air-fryer, these can be cooked in the oven on 200 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes or until golden & crunchy!
00Real Fruit GummiesBy Tessa PennickYummy, gut-loving gummies made with our organic Gelatin - so easy and fun to make! You can adjust the amount of sugar depending on your taste.
00Probiotic Greek Style YoghurtBy Tessa PennickOur new probiotic blend is ideal for creating beautiful thick yoghurts, including this greek-style yoghurt. Suitable for those who can tolerate dairy. Top with your favourite fruit, or even a touch of maple syrup for sweetness.
00Probiotic Ginger DrinkBy Tessa PennickA delicious bubbly and zesty drink - not only is it refreshing but it's super nutritious and wonderful for boosting gut health!
00Probiotic Coconut YoghurtBy Tessa PennickWant an easy and yummy way to sneak more of our Changing Habits Probiotics into you and your kids diet? Then this recipe is a must to try. You can serve this Probiotic Yoghurt with our muesli, fresh seasonal fruits, on top of pancakes, within chia puddings, panna cottas or smoothies. The yoghurt can sometimes separate throughout the fermenting process, but once it is done just mix it together or even place in a food processor with extra Rapadura sugar, dates and cacao to create a chocolate yoghurt that the kids will love!
00Fermented Probiotic JuiceBy Tessa PennickImplementing homemade ferments into your diet will aid with your digestion, boost your beneficial probiotic, enzyme and vitamin intake.
00Fermented Probiotic Drink with whole fruitBy Tessa PennickConsuming fermented foods is an easy way to ensure you're getting the most nutritional value from your whole foods as it enhances all of their beneficial properties and also increases the nutrient value!
00Immune Boosting SmoothieBy Tessa PennickAll the ingredients used in this juice will boost the immune system! We love adding turmeric to sweet or savoury dishes and even juices as the curcumin component (found in turmeric) is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, detoxifying and amazing for digestive health!
00Coffee, date and walnut cakeBy Tessa PennickA delicious combination of flavours, this cake is the perfect snack to satisfy your appetite and sweet cravings!
00Broccoli Crust PizzaBy Tessa PennickThis broccoli crust is a great gluten-free alternative to a regular pizza base with the added bonus of being made from beautiful nutritious ingredients! Add extra like leftover roast vegetables and/or meat to create your favourite toppings!