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Written by The Nutrition Academy

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October 17, 2017

We love hearing how our Functional Nutritional Academy students found the course and how they were able to integrate it into their lives, Over to you Rebecca…

“Being a single mum of two kids and juggling part-time work as a Police Officer, creating a new health coaching business and maintaining my own health and fitness, I wasn’t sure when or how I would give this course the energy and time it needed. But what I did know is; the time had come to act on a long-standing desire to work as a health and nutrition coach.

After completing the first few modules I realised that the online delivery and having access to the course material 24/7, enabled me to include the study into my routine without a worry.

I have completed other smaller certificates in nutrition. None of those compared to the quality of this course. The relevance of the material to today’s society excited me. The availability of course material in the form of recent unbiased research enabled me to become even more of a critical thinker and allowed me to gain confidence in what I felt to be true to my values. With each module, I was not only expanding my knowledge, but my confidence in that knowledge was becoming greater each week. I gained confidence in making small sustainable changes in both my children’s nutrition and my own. The changes I implemented around the home became so simple when they were backed by the knowledge I was learning from the course.

“Each module built on the last and the course flowed seamlessly.”

This course and its content have provided me with the foundations I needed to improve my children’s and my overall well-being. The long-term benefits to my children’s health as a result of the knowledge I have gained has been immense. I am so fortunate that the online availability and the quality of this course have driven me to work in a field I have always wanted to work in.

Teach what you need to learn

Throughout my studies, I adopted the notion of ‘teach what you need to learn’ and got completely outside my comfort zone.  I approached a local Homewares shop, and presented to shoppers and parents on incorporating more real food into their diet and their children’s lunchboxes. A school approached me to present to their students and before I knew it I was presenting my own course ‘Our kids, their health and creating nutritious lunchboxes’ in 6 local schools. 

I look forward to empowering others within my community by applying the knowledge I have gained from completing this course. My heart and my passion is the education of kids, and develop my in-school program to create a curriculum based program that will be the driver for a healthy future for our kids. The Functional Nutritional Academy course, has given me the confidence in my knowledge to teach and for that I’m forever grateful.” Rebecca Warke

To hear more from Rebecca, listen to her being interviewed on the ‘Up For A Chat’ podcast, and see a video here. You can contact her via her website and Instagram  

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