Where can I start my nutrition learning journey?

Written by Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi is about educating. Her greatest love is to teach, both in the public arena and within the large corporate food companies, to enable everyone to make better choices so they too can enjoy greater health throughout their lives. Considered one of the world's foremost experts in Nutrition, Cyndi brings over 40 years experience, research and knowledge.
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December 8, 2021

I was sent in a question on my website that I would like to share with you as I feel many others would like to know the answer as well.

Q: I’m interested in learning more about nutrition, food and our bodies. I was wondering whether you could recommend any courses to study, websites, groups or books that would be worth looking at?

A: Well, because I’ve been doing nutrition for 40 years, I’m going to recommend my company and resources. First of all, I’d recommend going to the Changing Habits website  or The Nutrition Academy website and checking out the blog section, there is a plethora of information in those blogs. Read one a day, start to become educated in what they’re doing to our food. And what you can do in order to not be part of that chemical experiment that’s happening with food, but be part of something that you know can enhance your health. These articles are free.

I write three articles every month, one for The Nutrition Academy, one for Changing Habits, and one for either of my programs or protocols, which are The Healthy Keto Way or The Fat Loss Protocol. So I am writing and researching all the time.

Next would be to purchase my book Lab To table which is also available on Audible. Lab To Table will give you all the information that you need to know about the food industry and what it’s doing, how the food industry is making food, what it does to your health, and what’s your alternative.  There are actionable steps that you can take at the end of every chapter in order to change your pantry, what you’re cooking, and therefore your health.

Three, I have a podcast called Up for A Chat and I’ve done 375 podcasts over the past seven years, I’ve interviewed some amazing special guests and experts, so you may like to start at episode one and work through them. I’m no longer doing the podcasts but there is a lot of good interesting information in there. I am also part of the Wellness Couch podcasts and have many interviews on there also, just search my name.

Four, I have an education platform that delivers online courses, called The Nutrition Academy, we have a variety of courses and a great starting course is our Introduction to Nutrition. It’s a 10 module course and can be completed in 10 weeks or quicker and it’s under $200 and well worth doing. After the Introduction to Nutrition Course, you could then go on to do The Functional Nutrition course which is our more advanced Nutrition Course. It is a 12-month, 12 module course that you do online at your own pace and you have two years access in order to complete it. The course content includes lesson notes, videos, audios and activities to apply the learning and develop your critical thinking.  There are no exams but there are assessments at the end of each lesson. The assessment varies from multiple choice, short response to essay questions, and our qualified assessors give reflective feedback to further your learning.  The course is based on two incredible philosophies. One is a historical approach on anthropological principles and how we used to eat.  The other one is on the philosophy of vitalism (holistic approach) which is looking at the body as a whole as opposed to its parts.



So, I’ve given you some great places to start your learning journey. A couple of websites you can access with free Blogs. You also have the courses at The Nutrition Academy, you have my book, Lab To Table which is also available on audible and you also have my podcast Up For A Chat. So, it’s that’s a good start. And in all of those knowledge sources I also provide additional areas of learning like documentaries such as What’s With Wheat, which is my documentary and other wonderful documentaries I highly recommend.  There are some beautiful documentaries coming out at the moment that enhance what I’m teaching.

So, I have a plethora of information. I’ve been doing it for 40 years I’ve been writing for 30 of those years, and I’ve written many books but I think Lab to Table would be a great place to start. I hope that helps you find more information about nutrition and how you can help yourself, your family and your community.



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