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May 15, 2018

We love hearing how our Functional Nutritional Academy students found the course and how they were able to integrate it into their lives, Over to you Cheryl…

My passion for health was ignited after the death of my mother in 2009. 

My faith in medical professionals was shaken. I became a detective, believing nothing and questioning everything. Then a close family member became ill. As a mother, I couldn’t sit on my hands and watch a loved one walk into the medical system alone. 

My thirst for knowledge began here, at the Functional Nutrition Academy. I completely immersed myself in the course and completed it in just under a year. I hadn’t studied for many years and was surprised at how easy the course was to navigate and work through one step at a time, each module building on the last.

Not only did I gain valuable knowledge about the human body and how powerful food is, I also gained research skills. It’s these skills that help me sift through all the biased research available in this age of information.

Almost two years on I am now working in my own coaching business helping people to help themselves with my knowledge.  The vast majority of my clients suffer from autoimmune conditions and they are attracted to me because what I do is simple, inexpensive and it works.

Autoimmunity is like a fast spinning wheel. First you must slow it down, then stop it, and finally, get it into reverse.

My business is centred around what I call ‘Health Mapping’. This is a process of zeroing in on the exact point when an illness began, identifying what caused it and creating a plan to slow it down, stop it and reverse it.  I love doing this with people. I love the excitement that occurs when we hit that sweet spot, in an instant we both feel a little buzz of electricity through our central nervous system when we say, ‘there it is, right there’. One of my beautiful clients said to me recently ‘I feel better already just from talking to you’.  Simply knowing the cause sends a feeling of relief through every cell in their body and brings a sense of calm over a very stressed system.

A journey must start somewhere, but we can’t start on the finish line.

I have traveled a long way since I finished the Functional Nutrition Course, and I will continue travelling and seeking out sick people until I am no longer able to do so.

My advice to anyone interested in learning more about nutrition? Don’t think, just do!” Cheryl Stevens 

You can contact her Cheryl via her website and Instagram. 

Cheryl Stevens

Boomerang Health

Instagram – @boomerang_health_au

Facebook – @boomeranghealthau

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