Welcome to the Functional Nutrition Course!

Cyndi O’Meara has put together an amazing education program that suits the needs of individuals eager to learn more about health and wellness.  This program is also a great pathway for professionals to continue building their knowledge of nutrition to pass onto their clientele. The beauty of this course is creating your optimal outcome! I completed the course in 2015 and since then have continued to grow my business. Food For Life Coaching and Counselling began in 2012 and it has now grown into Food for Life Cafe. I have incorporated my learnings from the course into my business plan and facilitate the 6 week course that students are given upon graduation.

During the course you will be navigated through health and nutrition from an evolutionary, vitalistic perspective. The course will challenge the current food model western culture promotes and shed light on a perspective of real, wholesome food that is ethical. Ultimately you create your lifestyle philosophy and reap the rewards in your health.

The course begins with self reflection and understanding the lesson framework. This foundation will be built upon and guide you through the lessons and assignment writing. The course is also evidence based and requires critical thinking and investigation. Students will learn how to search for peer reviewed journal articles, critique and apply research

Not only will you enjoy the challenge of the course, you will also become part of a like minded community that encourage each other and share the journey. On another note, Cyndi encourages students to continue learning and provides opportunities to extend your knowledge with amazing speakers and health leaders in Australia. I have watched fellow students become health mentors, create and sell products, create online courses and be part of the ripple effect!

Please feel free to contact myself if you have any questions!

I look forward to meeting you all.