As a Functional Nutrition Academy Graduate I have taken my first group through the First Steps to Change program, implemented a First Steps to Cultured Foods workshop and have a second one lined up as a part of a community building project run through a library.

The skills and knowledge I have gained throughout the 12 modules have provided me with the foundation to help people to make sustainable steps, creating changes in their lives to begin to look at what food really is, to question everything that goes in and on their bodies and be empowered to take back the drivers seat in their lives. I feel that I am now equipped to take the confusion out of what really is “healthy”, how to start making changes and to look for individualised eating and lifestyle plans to boost energy, improve sleep and manage our stress levels.

With my Education background I can’t wait to change the audience that I am teaching and help to increase the health and performance of our nation. It all begins with one change and a desire for more.

Loving you, loving me

Annwen x