2021 Nutrition Summit Recordings


Over 15 hours of inspiring, game changing information that can be listened to over and over again at your own leisure.  The information and knowledge shared by these amazing experts in their field should be heard by everyone.

Hear from these amazing experts:

Belinda Fettke– The History of the Nutritional Guidelines
Dr Libby Weaver– Overcoming Overwhelm
Dr Mark Postles– Food For Thought
Hamish Mackay- Introduction to Biodynamics

Dr Lilian Kluge– The Importance of Dental Health for Overall Well-being
Cyril Bourke– All things 5G and EMFs
Chris Henderson- Protecting Yourself in a Wireless world
Sheridan Austin– Diet Labelling: Intuitive Eating and Why Long term Restrictive Diets Do Not Work
Dr Sherill Sellman–  The Missing Pieces For Hormonal Balance and Rejuvenation at Any Age
Morag Gamble– Simple Steps to Growing Food with Vitality

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