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December 15, 2016

When Cyndi announced Changing Habits would be offering a nutrition course we jumped at the chance.  This was our opportunity to learn how nutrition nurtures the body and how we could keep ourselves and our families healthy utilising a vitalistic approach. This was not a career decision as we are both entrenched in our own professions however it gives us an avenue to keep in good health, particularly for the different stages of life we are at –  One – starting a new, young family with a good, healthy start in life, and Two – keeping healthy and active into retirement.

Doing the course together meant we could discuss ideas and help each other progress. Although most of the time we worked at our own pace we would often seek out how the other was doing and where they were up to. It was good to know that if either of us needed to bounce an idea we were there for each other.

Because the course is online you can work at your own pace and the Changing Habits staff are helpful and always just an email or phone call away for any queries. There is also a closed Facebook page for students to share ideas, information and questions. The lessons contain interesting videos and internet activities, plus suggested readings for those who would like to explore a topic further. The Changing Habits Nutrition course now known as The Functional Nutrition Course is a great way to learn about vitalism, good health and nutrition.

Ros & Shona Maitland ( Mother and Daughter)

Graduated from Changing Habits Online Nutrition Course now know as the Functional Nutrition Course

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