Meet Our First International Graduate Jocelyn Murray

Written by The Nutrition Academy

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February 10, 2017

I threw sugar and white bread out of my pantry 34 years ago. As young ones, my kids loved going to Grandma’s because she’d have biscuits or cake, and sometimes a lolly for them. I would smile, and felt it was what we did everyday, not occasionally that upheld our family health. Aunty Eunice (mums sister) was the family health fanatic, and constantly shared her ideas about what was good for us- everything from dandelion tea to fresh caught salmon from the Rakaia river in the south. I loved our discussions.

My quest for good food continued – I was never convinced the meat and 3 veg concept was the way to optimum health and continued varying the dinner options with more veg, less meat, no packaged products. Growing my own veg garden made sure we ate spray free veg and herbs. I seem to have a keen green touch.

For years I did a big job in the business arena with constant high stress levels. I allowed this time to water down my healthy efforts, worsening the hormone imbalance, irritated bowel syndrome, and eventually drove myself into adrenal fatigue. My weight was out of control. A shopping trip to Sydney ended in tears. The realisation that something had to change was overwhelming. I reviewed my diet and eliminated store made breads and dairy. I prepared meals with whole foods, ate no numbers, reduced coffee and wine. And started moving.  Everyday 30 minutes walk, some big gym sessions and yoga.

I dug deep, worked on my belief system, returned to my true self, and changed my career path. I transformed my body, losing 22 kilograms, down from dress size 18 to10, over 15 months. My family encouraged me to share my story with others – to help people to achieve their ideal weight. I’ve realised my hearts desire runs deeper. Its the sickness, unwellness and inflammatory disease with people that disturbs me the most. And the craziest thing is – I’ve learned what I always suspected- its about what we eat.

I searched for sound knowledge from a credible organisation that supported my own philosophy – whole food, and holistic well being, going to the root cause of disease and symptoms presented. I completed a Functional Nutrition Academy course in nutrition and will continue to study the gut micro-biome with the Academy.

My life journey leads me to a place I call home – growing, eating, healing!



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