Stuart Gough – First student to complete the Microbiome Course

Written by Natasha Everingham

Time To Read: < 1 minute

April 5, 2017


“You will absolutely love the Microbiome Course as critical-thinking again challenges beliefs and questions everything including the future direction of Health.
If you are truly passionate about wellness, longevity and crave more understanding of the human body, then go with your gut-feeling!”

Stuart completed the Functional Nutrition Course in December 2015 getting through the 12 month course in only 8 months. He is his own walking health journey having turned his health and sickness around through his own research and having that Ah Ha moment.

You can find more information about Stuart and his health Journey and what hes up to now on the link below

Stuarts Website



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  1. Jocelyn murray

    Such good work Stu. I can’t wait to finish the microbime course. I’m on your heels. And then I can’t wait to talk the talk with you and others.

    • Natasha Everingham

      We cant wait to see the ripple effect you create in NZ Jocelyn! The Functional Nutrition Academy Team are very proud of all of our graduates that are getting out there and helping people with their lifestyle changes and preventative health measures.

  2. Michelle

    I am very excited about this Microbiome course. Cant wait to get studying!!


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