Claire Holmes

I am so grateful for this journey that Cyndi has taken me on. For the majority of my life I have lived a very clean organic life, growing up basically on an ancestral diet. All of my childhood I was quite different to my peers because I ate homemade sour dough bread with liver pate, butter and drank tonnes of bone broth.

However, fast forward 30 years and I became a mother. After a very stressful pregnancy and giving birth 10 weeks early to a chronically ill daughter I fell straight into the lap of the medical industry. As I was desperate to do anything to help her gain full health I saw professional after professional. However, none of the advice I was being given added up and didn’t sit well with me. So I decided to do all that I could at home and with the food she was being fed in order to allow her body to do what it needed to do to heal and recover from a very compromised beginning to life.

Thankfully at this time I also decided to start Cyndi’s course. At the time of commencement, I still really doubted myself and my ability to heal my daughter. Thankfully, this course was perfect. It really allowed me to take back control and move forward with clarity and confidence in what I was doing to help her. It allowed me to realise that everything I was doing WAS perfect.

Fast forward 2 years and I now have the most incredible thriving little girl and a busy health coaching business (Nourishing Me). I feel very blessed to have chosen this path and to have been educated by such an incredible woman. Thank you Cyndi!