A Peek at Module 1 From Incredible Edible Garden – Creating Superb Soil

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April 14, 2020

A Peek at Module 1 From Incredible Edible Garden – Creating Superb Soil

Our new Incredible Edible Garden course has all the secret’s on how to grow the best produce.  Here is a sneak peek into module one and how to create the best soil by Morag Gamble.

Compost is essential for a thriving garden. It helps to neutralise pH, improve the soil structure, feed soil life and improve the nutrient density of food. Whatever your soil, compost is going to improve it.

So make compost! As many different sorts as you are able, and feed your soil with it regularly. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

There are many ways to get good compost going. You’ve probably seen some very complex descriptions of what to do, and yes, it is a science, but below are three of the simplest ways I have found to make excellent compost with ease. I have had soil scientists test my compost and soil. They have given me the thumbs up that what I am doing through my simple compost methods is working.

Through composting, you are:

  • building new topsoil
  • increasing organic matter
  • balancing pH
  • improving nutrient and mineral balance.

In small spaces use a simple compost bin. If you have more than a tiny space, design to have multiple compost systems going. This means as one is settling, you can use the other. It means you can set up different systems for different materials – food scraps, biodegradable household waste, garden scraps, tree trimmings…

The more you keep doing it, the better your soil will become.

It’s remarkable how quickly poor soil can be turned around when you focus on supporting the activation of soil life.

Find out three easy ways to make the best compost:

1). Compost Bin Method

2). Tumbler Method

3). Super Quick Compost with Azolla

Plus much more in our Incredible Edible Garden Course!

Have a closer look here https://thenutrition.academy/incredible-edible-garden/

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