DAY 1 & 2 Pass – Festival of food and farming


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30th – 31st August

  • Includes talks Day 1 & Day 2
  • Lunch each day
  • Snacks, tea & coffee each day
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Get ready to immerse yourself in all things Food and Farming. Cyndi O’Meara purchased the Changing Habits Farm nearly a decade ago. As a nutritionist, she was concerned about the quality of food. Since the purchase, she and her family’s learning curve has been steep, being the custodian of the land that, in turn, produces food for family and community.

Cyndi wants to give 50 people the opportunity to fast-track and learn what she has taken years to amass by trial and error. Her farm now works as a well-managed ecosystem providing abundance for all who visit. She uses Biodynamics, Natural Sequence Farming, Syntropics, Cell grazing, poultry husbandry, multi-species pastures, worm farming, and composting, to name a few. Whether you want to learn one of these modalities or soak in everything, this festival is for you. Learn from the experts who have been instrumental in transforming a chemically farmed land into what it is today.


An Introduction to Biodynamics brings together the art and science of agriculture, teaching participants how biodynamic preparations contribute to the soil food web and introduce practical aspects needed to apply biodynamics:

  • The life of the soil
  • Creating fertility in your soil
  • Managing your natural resources
  • Practical use of the biodynamic preparations Developing risk management: Weeds, Pests, Diseases
  • Meeting climate change challenges: Drought, Flood, Carbon sequestration

Applicable to home gardeners, horticulture, small intensive cropping systems, broad acre farming and animal production, if you would you like to learn how biodynamic practice is different from organic gardening and permaculture methods, then this course is for you.
** This workshop will provide you with the foundation to attend a follow on Biodynamics Preparation Making Workshop. At the Biodynamic Preparation Making Workshops held each Spring and Autumn you will learn how to make season-specific biodynamic preparations.

DAY 1 - 30th August | 9am - 5pm

INTRODUCTION TO BIODYNAMICS - Part 1 with Hamish McKay & Charlie Arnott

DAY 2 - 31st August | 9am - 5pm

INTRODUCTION TO BIODYNAMICS - Part 2 with Hamish McKay & Charlie Arnott


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