DAY 3 & 4 Pass – Festival of food and farming


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1st – 2nd September

  • Includes all talks Day 2 & Day 3
  • Friday night dinner – farm to table
  • Lunch each day
  • Snacks, tea & coffee each day
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Get ready to immerse yourself in all things Food and Farming. Cyndi O’Meara purchased the Changing Habits Farm nearly a decade ago. As a nutritionist, she was concerned about the quality of food. Since the purchase, she and her family’s learning curve has been steep, being the custodian of the land that, in turn, produces food for family and community.

Cyndi wants to give 50 people the opportunity to fast-track and learn what she has taken years to amass by trial and error. Her farm now works as a well-managed ecosystem providing abundance for all who visit. She uses Biodynamics, Natural Sequence Farming, Syntropics, Cell grazing, poultry husbandry, multi-species pastures, worm farming, and composting, to name a few. Whether you want to learn one of these modalities or soak in everything, this festival is for you. Learn from the experts who have been instrumental in transforming a chemically farmed land into what it is today.



Brogan and Rob both work on the Changing Habits Farm. Brogan manages the day-to-day workings of the farm attending to the soil and animals, while Rob creates and manages the syntropics. Their knowledge and work have transformed the farm from a monoculture of grass to the diversity it has today. 1000’s of food-bearing and companion trees have been planted, and the implementation of biodynamics, syntropics, and all the principles of Regenerative Farming is evident as you walk through the landscape of the farm.  

You will learn

  • Syntropics – using Australian natives and others, mulching, chopping and dropping and harvesting, and commercial growing of ginger and garlic.
  • Worm Farming
  • Composting
  • Cell grazing
  • Poultry management for pests and fertility of the land
  • Soil ecology
  • Wholistic management
  • The Integration of Biodynamics and Natural Sequence Farming 

It will be a day of theory and practical, but most of all, it will be your chance to see how all the systems you have learnt through The Festival of Food and Farming come together in a bounty of food and beauty. We are so excited to show you what you can create on your own plot of land.

Includes lunch, snacks, coffee & tea

DAY 3 - 1st September | 10am - 3pm

Field day of natural sequence farming with Stuart Andrews

DAY 4 - 2nd September | 9am - 4pm

Introduction to regenerative farming with Brogan O'Meara

DINNER - Friday night 1st September

Hosted by Cyndi O'meara from Changing Habits.


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